Which technique is best for me?

Updated: Apr 27

Various techniques/styles used in massage today and the differences

Swedish Massage

The most common and highly requested technique due to its slow but steady pace that promotes relaxation. The firmness or pressure of the massage can vary in nature depending upon the client's preference and condition of the underlying tissues.


Steady pace

Deep Tissue

Often used for therapeutics or rehabilitation intent. The purpose is to target underlying muscles and tissues that are not accessible on the surface. Deep tissue massages are not supposed to hurt. One can experience slight comfort depending upon the location but not pain. Deep tissue is a slow and gradually technique



Myofascial Release

Very light in nature. Mostly used to relieve tension found in tissues and muscles and release restrictions on the body. This is a very slow technique and may require longer sessions in the beginning. The technique provides great benefits when received on a routine basis.

Release Tissue/Muscular Restrictions


Customized Sessions

Each session is customized using the 3 techniques above to promote optimal benefits and relaxation to the client. Oftentimes, one style alone will not alleviate pain or tension. It takes a combination of the 3.

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