Creating Relaxation At Home

Updated: Apr 27

Are you sure that my home is relaxing?

Yes, I am sure!

Relaxation is a sensation that can be felt simply by creating a relaxing or calm environment. It is fairly simple and easily induced when comfort is present.

You are more than welcomed to provide your music during the session. The great thing about the mobile massage atmosphere is that you can create an atmosphere that is most conducive for you and your relaxation.

Some clients like to receive their massage in a well-lit room with natural lighting and airy music while others prefer dim lighting with classical music and anything in between.

Choose a place that is the most detraction-free and comforting( with a little space of course).

This can even be outside on a covered or shaded deck.

The overall idea is to promote relaxation and be distraction-free for the duration of your session.

Why not?

You owe it to yourself!

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