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Code of Conduct

 Because we value and respect your time, safety, and business, the following policies and procedures are set in place to ensure open communication and transparency. We understand that for many people, massage therapy and holistic alternatives are an essential part of their healing and self-care process and we will continue to provide a positive and nurturing environment for clients to continue to thrive and flourish. 

-Flourish Studios 

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Scheduling & Appointments


The therapist will be arriving at your location 10-15 mins before the scheduled time to set-up equipment and supplies for the session. 


Please understand that the timeslots are reserved exclusively for you and all equipment and supplies needed are prepped prior to the commute to the session. 

Clients who are late to the appointment will have the time deducted from the session. Sessions will not proceed to pass the appointed time. This includes not letting the therapist into the appointed space for the session upon arrival. Set-up and clean-up can not be shortened to adjust for the late entry. 

No Call, No Answer

Clients who no call, no answer will be charged for the session in its entity. We value both our clients' and therapists' time and would request that you call 12 hours prior to the appointment to cancel. 

Clients who no call, no answer more than two times will no longer to able to receive services from Flourish Studios. 

We understand emergencies happen in everyday life and some days you may not be able to keep the appointment, we ask that you please give us a call to cancel or reschedule the appointment.


Cancellations that occur 12 hours prior to the appointment will not be subject to penalty. 

Cancellations under 12 hours without valid reasoning will result in being charged for 50% of reserved/booked services. 

Rights & Responsiblities 

You have the right to:
  • Clean and safe equipment

  • Cease treatment at any time, for any reason 

  • Be treated with dignity and respect 

  • Confidential treatment 

  • Ask questions about your experience

  • Inquire about staff certification, licensing, and training 

It is your responsibility:
  • Communicate your preferences, expectations, and concerns

  • Communicate complete and accurate health history, information, and reason for your visit.

  • Treat the staff and therapist with courtesy and respect 

  • Adhere to all policies and procedure set forth by Flourish Studios